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Site Rules
The Official Website of Whitburn & District Pool League
Site Rules & Regulations

Thank you for visiting We hope you enjoy using the site!

Continued usage of the forums by each member is dependent on said member adhering to the site rules and regulations.

The following rules apply to posting on this website. Whilst the site does have a team of administrators/moderators ultimately each member has the responsibility to ensure that any of their posts are made within the bounds of these site rules. An administrator/moderator however will edit or remove a post which clearly contravenes any of the site rules set out below. In these cases the administrator/moderator will annotate which rule they feel has been contravened by the content of your post.

The following are prohibited on this site….

(1) Foul, threatening or offensive language including, but not limited to racist, sexist, ageist or sexually explicit where inappropriate. This includes any words you have tried to disguise to get around the site’s automatic language filters.

(2) Personal attacks against other individuals or groups.

(3) Advertising or promotion of third party or your own products or services on the site. This is not fair to those who pay to advertise on our site.

(4) Illegal, indecent or offensive material.

(5) Setting or attempting to set up more than one member account per individual.

(6) Accessing or attempting to access the accounts of other Members or attempting to penetrate the site’s security measures. Members have an obligation to keep their security password secret and could find themselves penalised should another member post fraudulently using their account.

(7) Impersonation of another member, individual or group.

(8) Transferring of files that contain viruses, Trojans or other harmful programs onto the site.

(9) Use of the site to conduct any fraudulent activity.

(10) Public discussion on the moderation of individual posts. Whilst site administrators/moderators will endeavour to determine what constitutes good humour and intention decisions to moderate posts are made on a subjective basis that reflects the perception of the administrator/moderator concerned. Not everyone will agree with all decisions made. If a post of yours has been moderated, and you disagree with it, please do not question the moderation in the forum itself. Contact the moderator concerned who will discuss your concerns with you. If you question moderation within the forum, your post will be deleted. Members also have the responsibility to police their own site. If any member feels a post should be moderated but has not been, this member should contact the web team who will review the post and take any necessary action. Again this should not be publicly in the forum concerned but through PM or other means.

(11) Please bear in mind that this site represents the public face of Whitburn Pool League and its members, so please behave responsibly and in a manner befitting our organisation. Any posts viewed as being to the detriment of our organisation will be moderated.

Contravention of the above rules may result in:

(1) A warning being issued to the member concerned.

(2) Suspension of an individual’s membership for a specified period of time at any time without notice.

(3) Termination of an individual’s membership at any time without notice.

Such measures will not be taken lightly and in general will be for very serious or persistent contravention of the rules above. These measures will only be taken with the agreement of the majority of the administration team not at the discretion of individual administrators. The administration team consists of the site’s Super Administrator and Administrators.

Members will have the right of appeal to Whitburn Pool League who will make a final decision at the next available league meeting. Until this hearing the measures detailed above will remain in place.


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